Features of plastic dryer machine


The plastic dryer machine uses screw, push up, separation and dewatering, automatic feeding, discharging is completed at one time, and the sheet material is more than 1 ton. In particular, its unique automatic feeding and discharging function overcomes the need for manual discharging and manual discharging of traditional centrifuges. The shortcomings of manual discharging are convenient and fast, greatly saving manpower and improving work efficiency. It is currently the best domestic equipment.

1. The raw material contact surface is all stainless steel design;

2. Precision die-casting aluminum shell, smooth surface, good thermal insulation performance;

3. Silent fan, optional air filter to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials;

4. Both the barrel body and the machine base are equipped with sight windows, which can directly observe the internal raw materials;

5. The curved design of the electric heating cylinder avoids burning caused by the accumulation of raw material dust;

6. The proportional deviation indicating temperature controller is used to accurately control the temperature