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Plastic Infrared Dryer

Packer is a professional China Plastic Infrared Dryer Manufacturers and China Plastic Infrared Dryer suppliers. Our factory which manufactures plastic infrared dryer, plastic shredder, plastic dryer. We are professional for making waste plastic recycling machine. Plastic films granulating line and their auxiliary machine. Our products are mainly export to Europe. Latin America. Middle east. South Asia and Africa. 

We have different dryers according to different materials. Such infrared crystallization dryer for PET flakes/pellet. PLA pellet. PP/PE pellet. We also have dryer for plastic films. And also we have different models according to customer's capacity need. We make machine as customer needs. 

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Easy-Maintainable Plastic Infrared Dryer with CE certification can be specially customized from Packer. It is one of the manufactures and suppliers in China. Our design includes advanced, newest, durable and other new elements. We can assure you that high quality Plastic Infrared Dryer made in China is with a low price. You don't worry about our price, we can give you our price list. When you see the quotation, you will find that you can buy discount the latest selling Plastic Infrared Dryer with a cheap price. Because our factory supply is in stock, you can buy the bulk of it. Looking forward to working with you.