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Rugao Packer Machinery Co.,LTD.

RUGAO PACKER MACHINERY CO.,LTD is one of China Plastic Dryer, Plastic Crusher, Plastic Shredder manufacturers and suppliers. We are professional for making waste plastic recycling machine. Plastic films granulating line and their auxiliary machine. We are always offering the good quality machines to the customers who come from all over the world.
2015 Years--Company built. Our team work for plastic machines.
2015-2017 We got our sales team. Technical team. And we begin to research and design machines. We have ability to produce. Offer machines to our customers. Also service for our customers. 2017-2021 We have exported machines to many different countries. Such as Spain. Mexico. Brazil. Colombia.Thailand. Vietnam. Palestine. Ethiopia. Senegal . Nigeria and some other countries. Also we are improving our machine quality according to feedback from customers.

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For inquiries about our products or pricelist, such us Plastic Dryer, Plastic Crusher, Plastic Shredder, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Latest News

  • Features of plastic dryer machine

    Features of plastic dryer machine

    The plastic dryer machine uses screw, push up, separation and dewatering, automatic feeding, discharging is completed at one time, and the sheet material is more than 1 ton.

  • Energy saving effect of plastic granulator

    Energy saving effect of plastic granulator

    The injection system has three main functions: one is to make the plastic evenly heated, melted, plasticized, and reach the flow state; the other is to inject a certain amount of molten material into ......

  • Maintenance of plastic crusher

    Maintenance of plastic crusher

    The residual stress is too high. In the aspect of mold design and manufacture, the direct gate with minimum pressure loss and high injection pressure can be adopted.

  • Pet bottle flake recycling and cleaning production line process

    Pet bottle flake recycling and cleaning production line process

    The scientific name of pet is polyester, which is a crystalline thermoplastic resin. The recycling of waste pets directly affects industrial development.