Hdpe Ldpe Film Compactor Plastic Recycle Pelletizing
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Hdpe Ldpe Film Compactor Plastic Recycle Pelletizing

Low price PACKER® Hdpe Ldpe Film Compactor Plastic Recycle Pelletizing Machine made in China is for granulating PP PE films to pellet. It’s designed with latest technology,a very integrated system which can be used for a wide range of materials.

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Product Description

Buy Plastic Pelletizing Machine | Plastic Granulator Made In China

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Plastic Granulator & Introduction

A plastic granulator, mainly used in the production and processing of waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer bags, handbags, etc.), woven bags, agrarian plastic bags, tubs, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc., for most common waste plastics, is the most versatile, widely used and most popular plastic recycling processing machinery in the waste plastic recycling industry.PACKER® Hdpe Ldpe Film Compactor Plastic Recycle Pelletizing Machine is for granulating PP PE films to pellet.

It’s designed with latest technology,a very integrated system which can be used for a wide range of materials,the extruder is combined together with compactor and feeding belt,the raw material will be compacted firstly in the compactor ,then get into screw immediately,in this way,the material feeding is much more stable and the output is bigger,especially for LDPE film,PP bags and other soft material.

The compactor equipped with cutting blades can process massive material like shopping bags,woven bags,and film in roll,no need to crush the materials in advance.With frequency control,Hdpe Ldpe Film Compactor Plastic Recycle Pelletizing Machine also can process rigid regrind materials.

Why should I dispose of used plastic?

1. waste plastic packaging mixed in the soil, affecting the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, which will lead to crop yield reduction.
2. Waste plastic packaging abandoned on land or in water bodies, swallowed by animals as food, leading to animal death (such cases have been common in zoos, pastoral areas and oceans).
3. Waste plastic packaging mixed with household waste is difficult to handle: landfill disposal will take up land for a long time, household waste mixed with plastic is not suitable for composting, and the sorted waste plastic is challenging to recycle quality cannot be guaranteed.

Waste plastic is a common term that does not refer to waste, old and useless plastic products. The vast majority of plastic products, especially many single-use ones, have no significant changes in the properties of their plastic materials themselves after use, so they can be recycled entirely and re-processed into plastic products with appropriate methods and then used again.
Waste plastic packaging into the environment is difficult to degrade, resulting in long-term, deep-seated ecological and environmental problems.

Plastic Granulator & Environmental Significance

The recycling of waste plastics into recycled plastic pellets is a significant advancement in waste plastics recycling technology. Using special pelletizing equipment, waste polyethylene, polypropylene, and other plastics can be crushed - cleaned - heated plasticized - extruded into shape and other processes, processing and producing commercial recycled pellets. Compared with simple landfills and incineration, recycled plastic pellets can be recycled as raw materials for the plastic industry, realizing the real sense of resource recycling.

The use of waste plastic pellets

Plastic pellets are the pellets processed from waste plastic.
1. In daily life, it can be used to make various plastic bags, buckets, tubs, toys, furniture, stationery and other household utensils and miscellaneous plastic products.
2. In the garment industry, it can be used to make garments, ties, buttons and zippers.
3. Construction materials: can be used to manufacture various building components, construction tools, plastic doors and windows, mud and ash buckets.
4. Agriculture: It can be used to make an agricultural film, water pumping pipe, agricultural machinery, fertilizer packaging bags, cement packaging bags.
5. Machinery industry: plastic granules can be used to make machine parts after unique formula: various forms of bearings, gears, cams, different wheels, sealing rings, multiple blades, varied pump impellers.
6. Chemical industry: It can be used for the reactor, pipeline, container, pump, valve, etc. It is applied to solve the chemical production place of corrosion and wear.

Pellet Mill Machine | HDPE LDPE PP Films Compactor Pelletizing Machine & features

1.It has compactor to crush, agglomerating materials. And press into extruder screw. To improve capacity to be more.
2.Capacity can be from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h.
3.Watering cutting system is running automatic. For cutting pellet. Also we can equip “noodle” type cutter (Cooling tank). As optional for our customer.
4.With non-stop hydraulic screen changer.
5.This line can be single stage or double stages as customer’s requirement.

Pelletizing Equipment Machine | Plastic Pelletizing Machine & Specification

HDPE LDPE PP films compactor pelletizing machine
Capacity Compactor diameter(mm) Extruder motor(KW) Extruder diameter(mm)
100kg/h 600 90 90/33
500kg/h 800 132 130/33
700kg/h 1200 250 160/33
10000kg/h 1200 315 180/33


Plastic Pelletizing Machine

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

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RUGAO PACKER MACHINERY CO.,LTD was built in 2015. We are trading company and manufacturer for HDPE LDPE PP Films Compactor Pelletizing Machine, Plastic recycling machines, Mask making machine and so on. We have professional technical team for technical support and service.

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6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Delivery: 40-50 days after getting the payment.
Shipping: By sea
Service: 1 year guarantee. After guarantee. We will keep all parts as cost price for our customers. And service for all life.


1.Professional technical team for offering our customers professional suggestions. To get most reasonable technical for the production line.
2.Sales will follow the order and report to customer the production real situation every one week.

24 hours online-service and help customers to solve problems asap. Offer all necessary documents and manual book to customers for helping to installation HDPE LDPE PP Films Compactor Pelletizing Machine. We also offer technical to be at customer factory for installation and testing. Service whole life for our customers. welcome to order!

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